The centrepiece of the Open Networking Lab is the network simulator PT Anywhere. PT Anywhere can be accessed on any web-browser (you can try it here), and allows learners to design, implement and run virtual communication networks that would otherwise require expensive hardware.

PT Anywhere representation of a simple internet-connected local area network (available to try here)

In a network like the one shown above, each component must be correctly configured. A PT Anywhere network is configured just as a ‘real’ network would be. When settings are applied correctly, the simulation behaves like a properly configured network. Data sent from one device to another will be received by the correct device. During configuration, PT Anywhere gives users feedback on how the network is functioning to aid troubleshooting and problem solving.

More advanced work will introduce students to network design. Large institutions, for example, typically have differently configured networks for online retail, real-time audio-visual traffic or teleworking. Each network typically requires particular properties, such as resilience, speed, remote access and security. Network-design skill is essential for the creation of networks and subnetworks for particular functions.

Links to the learning resources produced by the project will be added here as soon as they are published.




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